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My application

The idict is a personalized dictionary and allows social interaction.

In idict, people can query the word as well as note on the words. You can also view and vote other peoples' notes. All your queried words and your notes will be remembered in order for you to review your queried history.

idict is still at demo stage and under active development. In the future, idict will include more dictionaries and user will have an option to customize which dictionaries to display in the query results. idict will include more user interactions and a smart learning algorithm to learn the queried words. If you are interested in this project or would like some new features, please post comments below or go to My forum. Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

This bookmarklet let your query any word when you browse the webpage:iDict

New interface with query

I have just put up a new interface for queries. Please give me any critics.

The new version also includes several bug fixes.

New module added: dict.cn

User can now use idict to query the definition from dict.cn.
Please see settings for details.

New features: Customizations on dictionary and new google group

I have just rolled out a new feature on the customizations of different dictionary modules. Please goto settings to see the details and try it out.

I also created a new google group http://groups.google.com/group/idict-forum. Please submit your new feature request and/or any questions.